Welcome to Balance, where we strive to maximize functioning and minimize disability, through holistic, evidence-based, and client-centered care.

It is clear now from research that a holistic approach to aging is important in order to optimize our brain health.

This involves being mindful of our health from a biopsychosocial perspective, or the biological (e.g., genetics, neurochemistry, medical conditions), psychological (e.g., mood, personality, coping skills), and socio- environmental factors (e.g., culture, social support, education), that individually and together, impact our well- being.

What we do…

Utilizing this model, our clinic specializes in the assessment, prevention, and treatment of factors that can
negatively affect your brain health.

Assessments are tailored to identify behavioural, emotional, and cognitive concerns that are related to your
brain health.
• The prevention of illness begins with evidence-informed education and skill building to assist you in
optimizing factors that support healthy aging (e.g., mental health, sleep, exercise, diet, stress management, etc.).
• Individualized treatment is designed to address your unique needs and goals, and the barriers that may be
interfering with your best self.